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Author of My Fate

At EnpowerHER, we believe every woman has the power to transform her life. Our mission is to ignite that inner strength, offering the support, resources, and inspiration needed to overcome life's challenges and embrace your true potential. We're here to uplift, encourage, and guide you on your journey to becoming the best, most authentic version of yourself.

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Tabitha Charles

Meet Tabitha Charles, She.E.O./Author of "Author of My Fate"

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Hi! My name is Tabitha. I am an empathic mother of three beautiful daughters. I have a passion for family, nature and Creole food. My day job is in medical billing, but my real passion is art in all forms. From music to aesthetics to the beauty of the world around us, art is everywhere, and I love it all.  I enjoy singing, painting, writing and crocheting and I believe in bringing out the best in people.  


I have seen and experienced a lot of positive and negative things during my life.  Too often, experiences like mine are kept hidden.  I profoundly believe that we are here to connect with one another through our experiences. I have come to understand that I am the author of my own fate.  I affirm that you are also the author of your own fate. It is my life's work to empower other authors on their paths through sharing our experiences so I will be releasing a book soon to share my journey so far and what I have learned along the way. Join me as we build a community of healing women.  I look forward to meeting you! 

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