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Mika Dore Inspires

Let Mika Dore Inspires help you to create memorable moments of inspiration throughout your day, help you to live out your life's passion and purpose, and become the inspired, grounded, prosperous woman you have always dreamed of becoming.

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Chermika Dore

Meet Chermika Dore, She.E.O. of Mika Dore Inspires 

Chermika Doreste, the founder of Mika Dore Inspires, is a passionate advocate for women's mental health and empowerment. With a background in social work spanning over 11 years, Chermika has dedicated her career to supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds, including pregnant women, the homeless, and those struggling with mental health challenges.


Having witnessed the impact of oppressive environments and abuse on women's well-being, Chermika was inspired to create Mika Dore Inspires as a safe space and resource hub for women seeking to find themselves and their purpose. Through a variety of creative arts, coaching sessions, and affirmations, the company aims to increase women's drive and motivation to prioritize self-care and personal growth.


Chermika's expertise in mental health, housing, and goal planning has been instrumental in her work with various populations, including running a successful housing program in Broward County to assist the homeless in securing stable housing. With a deep commitment to empowering women to overcome challenges and thrive, Chermika continues to champion the importance of self-care, community support, and personal development through Mika Dore Inspires.

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