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Yoni Steaming Facilitator Training

All of the sessions for Yoni Steaming Facilitator training/certification are offered on a rolling enrollment that begins the second Sunday of each month and closes the Friday before the upcoming scheduled session. Students who enroll during this time will be entered into the next session scheduled to start the first Sunday of the upcoming month. The completion of the course spans over 6 weeks as students walk through 6 Gateways of knowledge on their journey to becoming certified as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator with

Yoni Love Herbals/TheWombinverse.

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Register for an Upcoming Session

When you click the link below you will be taken to our online registration form. After completing the form you will be sent an email invitation to complete the payment portion of your registration. Once payment has been submitted, you will receive a Welcome email with the date of your scheduled orientation session and the link for accessing the learning portal on TheWombniverse. All students are required to attend the LIVE orientation session as it will walk you through the entire certification process and familiarize you with the learning portal where course materials can be accessed.

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Womb Work is a Calling...

Becoming a certified Yoni Steaming Facilitator is literally a "charge" from the Universe and every village elder who has ever steamed women in the bush of Africa, helping women heal their wombs from past and present trauma. It's a POWERFUL position and a BIG deal! Becoming a Certified YSF means that you will be equipped with the sacred knowledge of the elders and will be able to pass this knowledge on to the customers and women around you, and help to change the current state of women's reproductive health. Fibroids, Poly-cystic ovaries, Endomertirosis, chronic Yeast/ BV infections, and infertility are some of the leading causes of hysterectomy in women in the US every year. The women of the Wombniverse are working hard to change this current condition by training women around the world as Yoni Steaming Facilitators. Yoni Steaming works on the physical ailment present in the womb while addressing the psychological and emotional imbalances that caused the dis-ease, therefore providing holistic healing.


In our Yoni Steaming Facilitator Training, you will be taught everything you need to know about the practice of yoni steaming, get an intense study of the healing herbs used in the steaming process, learn how to attract clients to your business, and give in-depth insight on how to jump-start your business as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator. And the best part about it all is you can study at your own pace while being supported by your sisters in the Wombniverse who have gone through the training just like you!

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