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   Imagine what it would be like to scroll endless nights on YouTube in search of the "free content" that will help you to start your yoni steaming business, spending countless nights taking notes and wading through the hundreds of video options just to land on fragmented information provided by entrepreneurs who have never reached the destination you are aiming for in your business. Imagine taking that information, applying it to your business model, spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to establish your business and "get it off the ground" just to later find out what you thought would turn into thousands in your bank account actually resulted in frustration and financial deficit. This is what thousands of entrepreneurs experience every day when they aren't aligned with a business training program that actually teaches them the ins and outs of their business model and how to successfully establish and grow their business.


   So you want to start a yoni steaming business, you may have even completed your certification and you're searching for where to start. Divine alignment, the practice of aligning yourself and your energy/desires with the people and coaches who have already been where you want to go and who freely share the information you need to be successful, is essential when you are striving to achieve a specific outcome in your life and your business. I have been in your shoes before, wanting to start a business so I can be in control of my own time, energy, and financial freedom. And I've also been in the position of trying to find a business coach or training program that even after I invested my money, wouldn't "gatekeep" the information and strategies I needed to REALLY be successful. Or that gave the information but broke it down into several high-priced trainings that ended up costing thousands of dollars to learn the strategies I needed and I was still left trying to figure out how to get my business off the ground. "Time is of the essence" and when you are an entrepreneur your TIME=YOUR MONEY, which means you don't have time to waste. That's why it's so important to surround yourself with the people, coaches, and thought patterns/energy that will help you to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. When you join the Yoni Love Herbals "She.E.O. Tribe" you are joining with a business training that gives you everything you need to successfully start and scale your Yoni steaming business without the worries of gatekeeping information. We are committed to assisting you to succeed and teaching you how to take the course content that you learned and personalize it to apply to your specific business goals.


   Yoni steaming has begun to gain popularity over the past decade due to the increase in womb ailments being suffered by women around the world.  But I like to consider it to be America's best-kept secret because although it has begun to gain popularity, there are not many yoni steaming practitioners offering the services which means there isn't much competition standing between you and the opportunity to "get that bag"! When you join our yoni steaming mini-course, you not only learn the basics of yoni steaming, how to establish a business entity, and strategies for building repeat clientele, you are given our ENTIRE BLUEPRINT for how Yoni Love Herbals scaled our business to over 6 figures within the first year of being in business and access to all of the supplies and equipment you will need to start your business at EXTREMELY reasonable prices.


   This "semi-study-at-your-own-pace" training was created so that even first-time yoni steamers can complete the training feeling fully equipped to start a successful business. There are  2 Portals and 11 Gateways that every student will walk through on their journey of becoming a Yoni Steaming Business Owner. The course includes: 



Gateway 1: Opening of the Womb-Way

  • Welcome into this sacred space.

  • "Opening of the womb" ceremony- a journey into your inner essence as a 'Wombman'.

  • Unlocking the power of your womb.

  • Setting Your Intentions for Success.


Gateway 2: An Introduction to the Sacred Practice of Yoni Steaming

  • What is yoni steaming?

  • The history behind yoni steaming.

  • How does yoni steaming REALLY work?

  • Understanding your purpose.

  • The healing process of yoni steaming.

Gateway 3: Your Role as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator

  • What is a Yoni Steaming Facilitator?

  • What we Do/Don't do as Yoni Steaming Facilitators.

  • "Holding Space-" an intuitive exercise.

Gateway 4: Yoni Steaming 101: An In-depth Study of the Yoni Steaming Process

  • The supplies you'll need.

  • Important facts to know while performing a yoni steam.

  • Yoni steaming "DO's"

  • Yoni steaming DON'Ts"

Gateway 5: Yoni Steaming- A Sacred Ritual

A: Preparation as the Practitioner

  • Preparing the MIND

  • Preparing the BODY/SPIRIT

  • "The Power of Water"

  • Healing the vessel within- an intuitive exercise

  • Preparing the SPACE

B: Preparation of the Client

  • Preparing the MIND/BODY of your client

  • Feng Shui: A Brief Overview

  • The Use of Color in Your Space: An Overview

Gateway 6: Yoni Steaming as a Natural Healing Modality

  • The practice of yoni steaming to heal physical ailments.

  • The practice of yoni steaming to balance anxiety, stress, and mental imbalances.

  • Understanding the emotional and energetic causes of physical dis-eases.

Gateway 7: Yoni Steaming Herbs

  • Herbs every yoni steaming practitioner should know.
  • Herbal preparations.

  • Creating herbal formulas.

Gateway 8: The Precursors to Yoni Steaming

  • Your herbs

  • Your equipment

  • Womb massage

  • Ensuring client privacy

  • Wombversation



Gateway 1: Establishing Your Business

  • How to legally establish your business
  • Picking your business entity
  • Creating your business website.
  • Creating your business logo.
  • Branding yourself/your business
  • Creating/implementing your business plan
  • Creating a 3-year projection plan.
  • Business funding brief overview.


Gateway 2: Your Yoni Steaming Business

  • The basics of business management.

  • Location, Location, Location.

  • Cultivating customer relationships.

  • Customer consultations.

  • The Follow-up.

  • Establishing life-long business relationships


Gateway 3: Getting Discovered

  • Pop-up shops with yoni steaming
  • Providing mobile "girl parties" with yoni steaming
  • Doing Vending events with yoni steaming
  • Selling LIVE on social media

Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Start a Yoni Steaming Business

ENROLL NOW & SAVE! Session begins March 24th!
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