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Divine Herbal Connections:
Herbal Mastery 101

An in-depth study of over 40 herbs and their healing powers which have been used for centuries to regain balance in the body, mind, and spirit; with an additional focus on students developing a personal intuitive connection with each herb.

Dive deep into the study of the healing power of over 40 herbs while learning how to re-connect with the spiritual essence and energy of the herbs for use in balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Master the use of herbs traditionally used by your ancestors to heal after childbirth, regain hormonal balance in the body, heal common ailments, and the techniques needed to turn this knowledge into a profit-generating business.

Just released April 2024.

Created by Hadidah Williams, She.E.O. of Yoni Love Herbals
Last Updated April 2024                        English Course

Course General Overview
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Reconnecting to Your Birthrite as a "Wise Wombman" is a Calling...

Matering the use of herbs tradiditonally used by our ancestors to heal and regain balance in the mind, body, and spirit is sacred work. Your interest in herbs isn't just a coincidence, most likely you have been called forth by your ancestors to do a mighty work in your family and in your community by using the knowledge of the herbs and their healing power to help yourself and others to heal. Becoming a "Wise Wombman", equipped with this sacred knowledge is literally a charge from the Creator and a re-awakening process of the traditions, rituals, healing methods/techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation and historically has been fought to keep the spirit of this sacred knowledge alive, despite several attempts to eradicate the use of herbs to heal in the U.S.. In "Divine Herbal Connections" we're going to dive deep into the healing-wisdom energy of the herbs to physically improve our health, and in addition to this in-depth study, you will discover the spiritual and energetic power of each herb.

Herbs are alot like people... the more you spend time with them, the more they will open up to you and reveal their true essence and power to heal not just physically but assist in the transformation of the auric, energetic, and spiritual imbalances expereinced within the body. This is where the REAL magic begans to unfold. Herbs have been used for centuries to not only heal the mind, body and spirit, but to take control of and manifest the life that our ancestors desired. It's time to be reestablish and awaken the intuitive knowledge within you, passed down from generation to generation from your ancestors, to asist you in healing while manifesting the life you truly desire within.

Welcome to Divine Herbal Connections!

40 Hours

of Training

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Making Notes
Benefits of Joining This Course

     The era of the awakened Divine Feminine energy is NOW, and we're saving you a spot in the Wombniverse!

The use of herbs to heal, connect with Mother Earth/Divine source, manage/stabilize our menstrual cycles and hormonal imbalances throughout the month, and assist us in living a life of empowered action rather than reactionary cycles of helplessness when it comes to Western medical practices is something that has been used for centuries by women around the world. Unfortunately with the rise of medical procedures and the Pharmaceutical industry, a lot of this herbal knowledge and practice has been pushed to the background in order to push the agenda of big pharma forward. But in the energy of so many people desiring to "return to their roots", the use of herbs in everyday life has begun to rebalance itself, especially with the energy of the Divine Feminine around the world. It is my desire to reintroduce you to some of the ancient practices of healing through the in-depth study of the physical and spiritual use of herbs, to help you reconnect to their guiding/healing energy, and awaken the inner wise woman laying dormant inside of you in order to bring a new energy of optimal health and divine energetics/healing to the Divine Feminine energy all over the world.

When joining the Divine Herbal Coonections: Herbal Mastery 101, you will:

  • Learn the history of the practice and use of herbs/herbal medicine and what you can do to keep this sacred and traditional knowledge alive.

  • Study the physical use and benefits of over 40 herbs.

  • Study the spiritual/energetic properties of over 40 herbs.

  • Learn techniques for using herbs and how to prepare herbal formulas.

  • Learn methods for cultivating herbs and picking reputable sources for your herbal supply.

  • Benefit from the sisterhood created in our class sessions with peer-to-peer connection building.

  • Learn the use of herbs to heal common womb ailments, postpartum care, manage overall health/wellness, and hormonal balance in the body.

  • Embark on and complete your journey of womb healing as we walk through each Gateway of the course in the Wombniverse and initiate the letter burning ceremony for release of past trauma.

Whether you are completing this course for your personal use/benefit or you would like to start a herb-based business with the knowledge you gain in this course, you will leave with a complete knowledge of over 40 powerful herbs, their healing properties, benefits of use, precautions/contraindications, and techniques to turn the knowledge you have gained into a profit-generating business.


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Master the secrets of womb wellness from the creator of
the world's best yoni steaming brand.

Hadidah has traveled to 5 different countries to sit with the Midwives, Doulas, and indigenous herbalists to learn the ancient techniques that have been used to heal the wombs of women for centuries in hopes to eradicate the use of hysterectomies to heal non-fatal ailments commonly found in the womb. In this herbal mastery course, you will not only learn the general use of each herb, but a special focus will be put onto the herbs used to assist in the healing of common womb ailments that Hadidah learned from the elders in the indigenous communities she has studied with around the world and how to use these herbs in the sacred practice of yoni steaming.

The Course Curriculum

This "semi-study-at-your-own-pace" course was created so women who are new to herbalism will complete the course feeling knowledgeable about how to use herbs to heal and rebalance the systems of the body. There are 10 Gateways that every student will walk through on their journey of reconnecting to their birthrite as a "Wise Wombman". The Gateways include: 

Gateway 1: Opening of the Womb-Way

  • Welcome into this sacred space.

  • "Opening of the womb" ceremony- a journey into your inner essence as a 'Wombman'.

  • Unlocking the power of your womb.

  • Setting Your Intentions for Success.


Gateway 2: The Complete History of Herbs, Herbal Medicine, and Naturopathy.

  • The history behind herbs/herbal medicine practiced in the U.S.

  • Understanding your purpose.

  • Rconnecting to your roots.

  • My story... How I became a Naturpathic Doctor

Gateway 3: Intro to Herbal Mastery 101

  • Herbal preparations.

  • Herbal vocabulary.

  • Herbal preparation techniques.

  • How to properly store herbs.

Gateway 4: Herbal Mastery 101- Practical Herbalism

  • "Thinking Outside the Capsule".

  • Growing your own herbs.

  • Buying herbs.

  • Harvesting herbs

  • Traditional methods for herbal preparartions.

Gateway 5: Herbal Mastery 101- How to Prepare Herbal Remedies

  • Decoctions and Infusions

  • Tinctures

  • Oil Extracts

  • Salves and Ointments

  • Fomentations

  • Poultices


Gateway 6: Essential Oils and Herbal Healing

  • An in-depth study of essential oils and their use in everyday life.

  • Essential oils, herbal healing and "womb work".

Gateway 7: A Complete Guide to Over 40 Herbs for Healing

  • An in-depth study of over 40 herbs.

  • Herbs every "Wise Wombman" should know.

  • Developing a divinely guided relationship with your herbs.

  • Herbal energetics

Gateway 8: Herbal Mastery 101: Herbs for Healing the Womb

Gateway 9: Herbal Mastery 101: Herbs for Postpartum Care

  • Postpartum herbal therapy.

  • Sacred womb wraps, aromatherapy, and castor oil packs.

  • The Lotus Birth and herbs

Gateway 10: Herbal Mastery 101: Herbs for Hormonal Balance

  • How to regain hormonal balance with the use of herbal therapy


Gateway 11: Running an Herb-Based Business

  • The basics of business management.

  • Location, Location, Location.

  • Cultivating customer relationships.

  • Customer consultations.

  • The Follow-up.

  • From courtship to marriage.

  • Attracting clients to your postpartum business using Yoni Steaming.

  • Increasing business revenue.

  • Building your herb-based business plan.

  • Marketing your herb-based business.​



Closing Initiation Ceremony...

   Once you have completed the 12 Gateways to certification, students are recommened to attend the closing ceremony where they will receive their certificate of completion. There are 4 sessions held each year for graduating students. You have the option to attend the closing ceremony in Pennsylvania, U.S., or Senegal, West Africa. The closing ceremony held in Pennsylvania is held over 4 days at our retreat facility and focuses on hands-on demonstration of course techniques learned in the online course, LIVE yoni steaming segments, peer team building exercises, and business mastery workshops. All room and board, meals, and course materials/workbooks are covered in the fee for attending.

  The closing ceremony held in Senegal, West Africa is carried out over 10 days with a significant focus on connecting all students back to the roots where many traditions surrounding herbal mediicne and womb health & wellness originated, in addition to the 3 days of hands-on demonstration of course techniques learned in the online course, LIVE yoni steaming segments, peer team building exercises, and business mastery workshops. This particular closing ceremony was also created as an opportunity for BIPOC women specifically, to drop the chains of slavery, reconnect to our roots as women coming from the Continent, and reclaiming our rights as herbal healers and "Wise Wombman". The initiation ceremony in Senegal will include a brief stay in Dakar, Senegal, and the magical/spiritually charged city of Touba. Participants will take a trip to Gor'ee Island, "the House of Slaves" where we will complete the "breaking of the chains" ceremony so you can return renewed and liberated to walk in your path as a "Wise Wombman".

Course Curriculum
Meet Your Instructor

Hadidah Williams
Master Herbalist, N.D., Womb Health & Wellness Coach, Doula & Yoni Steaming Facilitator Instructor



My Mission is Personal...

     Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a doctor, a Neuro surgeon to be exact. I would imagine myself healing patients that came into my practice all broken up and bandaged, and they would leave completely healed. You would have never been able to tell me that I wasn’t going to be a Neuro Surgeon or even convince me that traditional Western medicine wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. All I knew is that I wanted to help and heal others, and that being a doctor was the way to do it!


     After completing high school, I enrolled in Xavier University in New Orleans so I could obtain my Undergrad degree in Bio. Pre-med. I got to my last semester in my undergraduate studies and was about to graduate, and I realized that in fact the field I had been studying in was NOT in fact geared towards healing patients, instead we were simply being taught how to treat the symptoms that our patients complained of with no real understanding of the root cause of the ailments they suffered from. Nor was the doctor’s focus to uncover the root cause of the ailment so future interventions could get rid of the problem itself, we were being taught to stay surface-level in our approach to “healing”. It was at that moment that I withdrew from my Bio. Pre-med studies and started on my journey of Naturopathy. In 2018 I completed my study as a Naturopathic Doctor from one of the country’s top Naturopathic schools and set out on a mission to help my clients to ACTUALLY HEAL!

For years I suffered from PCOS, frequent yeast infections and I was eventually diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids. I tried using birth control for years to relieve the symptoms of PCOS, not realizing it was contributing to the cause of the frequent yeast infections. My Gynecologist couldn't help me. Monistat couldn't help me. Fluconazole couldn't help me. I was desperate for a solution!

During my quest for healing, I met countless women who too suffered from the same vaginal dis-eases as me, and I knew something had to be done! I decided to start my quest for healing during which time I traveled to 5 countries to sit with the women in different indigenous communities to learn how these women healed their wombs and used herbs native to their land to restore and maintain the health of themselves and their families. During my quest, I noticed that there was one practice in particular that was common in each community, and that was the use of herbs and yoni steaming to heal the dis-eases present in the womb of the women in these communities.


In each of these communities, they knew the ultimate reality... that as women, our Yoni's are too powerful and important to be ridden with dis-eases, it has the power to aid us in manifesting everything we desire in life! And because of this, women were not allowed to sit with emotional distress, mental instabilities, or the symptoms of physical dis-eases for any extended period of time. Yoni steaming was a consistent and frequent, ritualistic practice of these women practiced during certain phases of the moon cycle. Since regular check-ins for womb health and wellness and sister circles were a part of everyday life, these women weren't plagued with the same womb dis-eases as women in the West.

Following my quest for healing and during a time of intense seclusion, retreat, and intentional prayer, an elder came into my dreams one night with a bunch of herbs, taught me their healing properties, and gave me the recipes to heal my vaginal issues.

I tried the recipe and it worked!

Through this dream, my obsession with herbs, and the truckloads of knowledge I gained from the women in indigenous communities around the world, I mastered the herbal blends and birthed what is now known to the world as

YONI LOVE HERBALS 'wholistic'/herbal feminine care product line!

Following the successful launch of my business, the placement of my products in several storefronts around the United States, and the opening of several franchise and HUB locations throughout the United States, I decided to create the Wombniverse.

The Wombniverse is a sacred online learning platform for women around the world, created so I can share my knowledge and expertise with all who want to join in hopes of eradicating unneeded medical procedures and hysterectomies as "treatment" for

non-fatal di-eases in the womb and return to their birthrite as "Wise Wombmen". 

WELCOME to the Wombniverse and your Charge to impact the overall health, womb health & wellness of the

universal Divine Feminine!

-Hadidah Williams, She.E.O. of Yoni Love Herbals

Master Herbalist, Doula, and Yoni Steaming Expert

To learn more about theYoni Steaming Certification program offered by YLH/TheWombniverse,

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