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Join the Birth Workers 
"Gettin' at that Bag"

Join our dynamic group of Birth Workers as we build sisterhood and community centered around helping our clients experience successful births and postpartum phases while building financial stability and freedom for ourselves.

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When you first start as a birth worker, whether you are working independently under your own business or through an agency, it can be difficult to figure out how to build your business into a successful practice with consistant clients and a booked out calendar 6 months in advance. That's why we've created the Birth Worker MASTERMIND, which specializes in connecting you with like-minded birth workers who are building lucrative, purpose-driven businesses serving the community through their pregnancy, labor and postpartum phases.

The Birth Worker's Gettin' at That Bag MASTERMIND is structured with bi-weekly "Tribe" pow-wow sessions held on Sunday evenings, individualized help building your birthing business with birth worker and business coach Hadidah Williams, as well as help establishing the financial foundation and structure of your business. Bi-weekly pow-wows are centered around helping birth workers identify and strengthen their "weaknesses" as entrepreneurs, learning techniques for getting consistent clients, methods for building residual income into their business, and techniques to turn current customers into life long customers through residual income methods.

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The main focus of the Birth Worker Mastermind is to help birth workers who are serious about building their businesses and creating multiple streams of income into their business, to get the exposure needed to increase their business revenue while mastering techniques for increasing their business revenue.

If you are interested in specifically building RESIDUAL income streams into your business, meaning you work once and you continue to get paid on it whether you are sleeping or on the beach, then this mastermind is for you!

We are ALL ABOUT WORKING SMARTER NOT HARDER, and mastering the "soft life-style" while manifesting the business and life we desire through our Feminine energy!

When you join the "Birth Workers Gettin' at that Bag Mastermind", you receive:

  • A free page in our Birth Worker Directory as a key way to build residual income by connecting with ideal clients .

  • A 10% discount on all courses offered on TheWombniverse.

  • Access to our library of FREE business- building mini-courses offered on TheWombniverse.

  • 1-on-1 coaching to create a 3-year projection plan to map out the road to your business's success.

  • Weekly MASTERMIND conference calls/entrepreneur "tribe" meets.

  • Membership to the Wellness club monthly subscription box.



Yoni Love Herbals/ TheWombniverse does not charge anything for you to become a member and enjoy the perks of our Birth Workers Mastermind. The only thing that is required for you to be considered a member of the Birth Worker MASTERMIND is to be an active member of the Wellness club. You must be an active member of the Wellness Club for 2 very important reasons:

  1. The Birth Worker Mastermind focuses on helping all mastermind members to build residual income streams into their current business models, and one of the ways we help you to create residual income is through your membership with the Wellness Club. The special thing about the Wellness Club is you can offer monthly subscription boxes to your current and future clients in your birthing business, you get access to FREE coaching from several 6, 7, and 8-figure entrepreneurs, and can join Hadidah Williams and other business owners on elaborate all expense paid trips for two to several destinations around the world! And the great part about it all is we give you the entire blueprint to implement subscription boxes and other perks offered by the Wellness Club into your business seamlessly! So you won't be trying to figure out how to "make everything work" by yourself!

  2. As a birth worker, it's important for you to be in OPTIMAL HEALTH in order to serve others. How can you run a successful business and expect to receive unlimited wealth if your health is suffering? You can't! Your health is DIRECTLY related to your wealth, and as a Birth Worker Mastermind member, it's imperative that you make a commitment to YOURSELF to be in a constant state of OPTIMAL health because that is the only way you can achieve true WEALTH!

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