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Reclaiming Lactation & Milk Medicine!

As a new mom, there is so much that is running through your mind... How should I birth my baby? Will I have a lotus birth? What midwife or OBGyn should I select? Should I have a hospital birth? Home birth? Free birth? The list goes on and on, but the last thing you should have to be worried about is feeding you baby and ensuring the proper development of your new bundle of joy!

Join Mama Makwa as she teaches you everything you need to know to feel confident and well-educated in your decision to breastfeed your baby!

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This course will walk you through the physiological stages of lactation, making milk & feeding a newborn from a decolonized lens. Taking care to preserve the mother-baby dyad in the fourth trimester & beyond by returning this knowledge to the community. Not just for parents, this course is meant for anyone supporting a lactating person or nursing baby! 


This is a comprehensive course that can be completed over the course of a weekend packed with resources, LIVE webinar/ slide show, and additional videos to help you master the art of breastfeeding. 

"Reclaiming Lactation & Milk Magic" has 7 main information-packed sections of study:

1. Course Introduction.

2. What is Breastfeeding?

3. Making Milk.

4. Latching and Positions.

5. The Fourth Trimester.

6. Safe Sleeping Habits.

7. Pumping and Feeding Methods.


Ready to Join "Reclaiming Lactation & Milk Medicine?"

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Take a Sneak Peek at all That This Course Has to Offer!

Meet Mama Makwa...

Get to know your course instructor and a little about how she started on her path of Birth work...

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