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     As a postpartum yoni steaming business owner one of the most crucial times for the mama's we serve, other than the pregnancy and birthing experience itself, is the postpartum period. As a yoni steaming instructor, womb health and wellness coach, and a Doula, helping to facilitate a healthy and trouble-free recovery period for my clients is my top priority. Over the years, as I have assisted my clients during the postpartum phase and have experienced my own battle with postpartum depression in the past, it became an intimate mission of mine to create a healing system that assists new mama's with a minimally stressful postpartum experience, which 4 years later has turned into a 6-figure yoni steaming business. 


     I have traveled to 5 different countries abroad to sit with granny midwives and healers to learn the sacred traditions their ancestors used to assist the women in the community to fully recover holistically and with minimal difficulties in their postpartum period. What I discovered blew my mind, especially since the majority of the techniques were not commonly found in the West. My travels abroad combined with my love for herbs and naturopathy, over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, and my overall love for womb health and wellness created the system that I used to make 6-figures in my postpartum yoni steaming business in the first year. This system is also what I teach all of my students as their blueprint to establish their brand, build the foundation of their business, and scale their yoni steaming business to 6-figures and beyond just as I did! 


     As a postpartum yoni steaming business owner one of your most important roles will be to assist your client with "returning into their bodies" after crossing the threshold of motherhood when giving birth. When a woman becomes a mother, whether for the 1st time or the 5th, every birth is an out-of-body experience. You cross over gateways and plunge into some of the most dynamic aspects of womanhood, and even yourself, that you did not know existed. But the challenge isn't getting to the birthing finish line, the real challenge is, now that your client has crossed over the threshold of motherhood, to help her return to her body before continuing on in her new role as a mother and caretaker. The significance of the mother returning into her body before carrying out her duties in her new role is essential to her mental and physical health. Mothers often experience postpartum depression because of the reality of motherhood hitting them all at once, in a moment that can feel very unsupported and foreign even if this isn't their first child, while being left to "figure everything out" by themselves. 


    In this "semi-study-at-your-own-pace" training students will learn techniques for assisting clients with a smooth transition into motherhood through the ancient practice of yoni steaming, the sacred practice of closing the womb portal, herbal remedies for postpartum mood support, womb massage, and "Wombversation". There are  2 Portals and 13 Gateways that every student will walk through on their journey of becoming a Postpartum Yoni Steaming Business Owner. The course includes: 


Gateway 1: Opening of the Womb-Way

  • Welcome into this sacred space.

  • "Opening of the womb" ceremony- a journey into your inner essence as a 'Wombman'.

  • Unlocking the power of your womb.

  • Setting Your Intentions for Success.


Gateway 2: An Introduction to the Sacred Practice of Yoni Steaming

  • What is yoni steaming?

  • How does yoni steaming REALLY work?

  • Understanding your purpose.

  • The healing process of yoni steaming.

  • My Story... How I turned my pain into my purpose.

Gateway 3: Your Role as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator

  • What is a Yoni Steaming Facilitator?

  • What we Do/Don't do as Yoni Steaming Facilitators.

  • "Holding Space-" an intuitive exercise.

Gateway 4: Yoni Steaming 101: An In-depth Study of the Yoni Steaming Process

  • The supplies you'll need.

  • Important facts to know while performing a yoni steam.

  • Yoni steaming "DO's"

  • Yoni steaming DON'Ts"

Gateway 5: Yoni Steaming- A Sacred Ritual

A: Preparation as the Practitioner

  • Preparing the MIND

  • Preparing the BODY/SPIRIT

  • "The Power of Water"

  • Preparing the SPACE

B: Preparation of the Client

  • Preparing the MIND/BODY of your client

  • Feng Shui: A Brief Overview

  • The Use of Color in Your Space: An Overview

Gateway 6: Yoni Steaming as a Natural Healing Modality in Postpartum

  • The practice of yoni steaming to heal physical ailments.

  • The practice of yoni steaming to balance anxiety, stress, and mental imbalances.

  • Understanding the emotional and energetic causes of physical dis-eases.

Gateway 7:  Postpartum Yoni Steaming Herbs

  • Herbs every yoni steaming practitioner should know.
  • Herbal preparations.

  • Creating herbal formulas.

Gateway 8: The Precursors to Yoni Steaming

  • Your herbs

  • Your equipment

  • Womb massage

  • Ensuring client privacy

  • Wombversation


Gateway 9: Yoni Steaming and Postpartum Care

  • Yoni steaming as a postpartum healing modality

  • Postpartum herbal therapy

  • Sacred womb wraps, aromatherapy, and castor oil packs

  • The Sacred Womb Closing Ceremony


Gateway 1: Establishing Your Business


Gateway 2: Your Postpartum Business with Yoni Steaming


Gateway 3: Your Yoni Steaming Business


Gateway 4: Getting Your Brand Discovered

    How to Start & Run a 6-Figure Postpartum Yoni Steaming Business

    ENROLL NOW & SAVE! Session begins March 29th!
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