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A Sacred Online Learning Platform & Community for Women

Online Courses That Fit Any Schedule

Study online at your own pace or LIVE with Hadidah Williams.

In TheWombniverse, our top priority is to provide our members with the opportunity to master the areas of life that they feel most led towards improving. Yet, we understand that not everybody has the same schedule, therefore, there is no "one size fits all" approach to learning. That's why we have created 2 learning modules that provide you with elite online courses tailored to fit your scheduling needs and available online to fit your learning style.

Online Learning


Gain access to our elite course curriculum with detailed videos and in-depth modules structured to help you complete courses in as little as 5 days! Study at your own pace courses give you the flexibility of learning on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

Online Learning

(Learn with fellow classmates)

Learning in TheWombniverse means that you are also learning with your tribe. You can now complete courses and certification programs with other students in paced modules with interactive forums and a LIVE instructor facilitating your course work! Learn on the go or in the comfort of your own home!

What's NEW in TheWombniverse...

Sessions Starting March 2024


Self-Study Courses


Self-Study Courses


Self-Study Courses

How TheWombniverse Works...

Step 1: Pick Your Field of Mastery

In the Wombniverse, we have tons of different fields of mastery that you can choose to explore. Life is vast and your potential for achievement is limitless, so give yourself the tools you need to accomplish all of your desires!

New courses are being added monthly and when you become a member of the Wombniverse, you receive 25% off all courses!

We have several categories of mastery that you can find below...


Step 2: CONNECT with your Tribe

Along your journey toward your greatest potential, you're going to meet other achievers who will share the same focus, drive, and passion as you. These dynamic souls will become your "tribe" and essentially your source of support and guidance on your path towards greatness. In the Wombniverse, you will find plenty of social circles and communities that you can join. Connecting with your tribe and support system is also a very essential pillar in ensuring the success and implementation of the course material that you are mastering in the Wombniverse.

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Enroll, connect, achieve, and GET THE RESULTS THAT LAST A LIFETIME! Your alignment with your purpose, your discovery of your passion, and your GREATEST TRANSFORMATION STARTS HERE!

Check out our mastery courses.

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Become a Member...

Join the Wombniverse for less than $1 a day

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Get newsletters sent to your inbox throughout the month packed with tons of tips for living your most optimal life!

Get exclusive access to our LIVE events taking place in Bluejeans throughout the month and build connections with women across the world!

Guided Meditations
Get exclusive access to all of our Guided meditations and loads of meditation music to use during your yoni steams and day-to-day life.

Meet Your Tribe
Find your tribe in the Wombniverse on our community forum, member chat, and in our LIVE events.

Get access to all of our in-person events, EXPOS, retreats and trainings with 25%OFF when you become a member of the Womniverse.

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