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I am Mama Makwa.

My name is Chalé Alexia, and I am a Black + Indigenous mother, full-spectrum (from fertility, pregnancy/birth to abortion, miscarriage and loss) maternal health advocate and certified breastfeeding community specialist. My mission is to reclaim lost and stolen practices, rites & rituals in order to return them to our communities. I believe that birth belongs to families, and that babies and mothers thrive most when they are supported by a knowledgeable village.

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My Story

I have had all four of my children at home, the last three were freebirths with just my partner & our older children. My first freebirth, the birth of my first and only daughter, was what launched me into the study of all things womb, pregnancy, birth & postpartum related. I took my first hands on training in 2017 and haven't stopped learning since. What started with making guided meditations for myself to prepare for freebirth has turned into a passion for talking about how homebirth is for most of us, especially Black + Brown women. I incorpate traditional practices like babywearing, elimination communication, conscious parenting & conception into my teachings in a practical way for modern families. 


I am so honored to be on this path, thank you for choosing my course to reclaim lactation & milk medicine!

My Certifications.

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Ready to Join "Reclaiming Lactation & Milk Medicine"?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to connect with like-minded women, to support women before and during labor as a birth/postpartum doula, and to build a community of support. Let's connect!

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