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Join the "Divine Herbal Connections" Course TODAY!

Reclaim your birthrite as a "Wise Wombman" when you join this herbal mastery course that teaches you the healing properties of over 40 herbs and how to utilize them to be in optimal health.

When you join the Yoni Love Herbals "Divine Herbal Connections: Herbal Mastery 101" course for "Wise Wombman", you aren't enrolling in just any 'ole herbal instruction course, your reconnecting with your birthrite and divine calling as a wombman, born with the intuitive knowledge of herbs, their healing properties, and the hidden wisdom that they carry to enhance our lives and health both physically and spiritually. Herbs have been used for centuries by women around the world to maintain the health of the family, restore hormonal balance in the body, regain strentgth and heal in the postpartum period after giving birth, and to manage the menstrual cycle and it's symptoms monthly. But herbs have also been widely used to manifest wealth, positive business relationships, and other desires of the practitioner throughout history. In this 12 Gateway course, students will learn how to utilize over 40 common herbs to manifest optimal health and abundance in their life while maintaining balance in the mind, body and spirit!

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Our Divine Herbal Connections course consists of 12 Gateways that students will walk through on their journey of reclaiming their birthrite as "Wise Wombmen". Every healer must first heal themselves before they can embark on the path to heal others. It is through your own healing path that you truly discover the power you carry within your womb and learn the techniques that you will utilize to assist your friends and family to heal themselves and manifest the desires of their heart.

Students who desire to join our 12 Gateway course have the option of purchasing the course outright or making a deposit to hold their place in the upcoming scheduled session. The total tuition for the certification program is $595 if paid for as one lump-sum payment or $795 if paid for on a payment plan. Students who would like to purchase the course on a payment plan will have the total cost of the tuition split into 3 monthly payments of $265

Following your cash payment, students will be sent course materials via USPS & UPS shipment. The purchase of your supply box is NOT included in the total cash amount being paid below. The purchase of your supply box will be completed with a student enrollment specialist following your payment below. Whether students decide to purchase the course as a one-time payment or on a payment plan, the course supply box will be mailed to students on the 15th of each month.

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