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  • Do you provide "study at your own pace" options?
    This course is "semi-study at your own pace" meaning Gateways open up on Sundays and you are allotted 7 days to complete that week's assignments before the next Gateway opens. Students have the option to complete assignments whenever their time permits within the allotted week. There are no LIVE weekly Zoom sessions that students are required to attend until the end of the course which a specific date and time schedule will be given to students at the orientation session prior to starting the course.
  • What are Gateways?
    Gateways are another name for "chapters" that students are required to complete in order to get certified as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator. Each Gateway is comprised of several sections of information, course instructional videos/lectures, PDF printouts, and section quizzes to test the comprehension of the student in relation to the course materials. The YLH Yoni Steaming Facilitator Certification program has 16 Gateways that will be completed on the path to certification.
  • Are the lessons pre-recorded videos?
    Each Gateway comes with a mixture of course materials. The course consists of: -Written text that students are required to read each week. -Pre-recorded instructional/informational videos to teach specific practices used in yoni steaming. -Mini class lectures. -PDF printable files that be downloaded by the student and studied.
  • How long does it take to finish the certification course?
    This course is a 16 Gateway course with each Gateway opening Sunday at 12am PST. Gateways are like chapters of information, so essentially students will complete 1 Gateway/week and will complete all of the Gateways within 16 weeks.
  • Am I able to "jump" around the course curriculum and complete Gateways in any order?
    All course material that is provided in each Gateway must be completed in the order that it is provided in the course. You will not be able to "jump" around the course and complete the sections in a different order.
  • Do you offer an accelerated option to complete the course? (Like 1-on1 coaching options?)
    Yes! Yoni Love Herbals/TheWOMBNIVERSE offers 1-on-1 accelerated course-completion options for women who would like to complete the course in as little as 7-14 days. This option would allow students to complete all of the necessary Gateways for certification and the 4 LIVE Zoom business building sessions where Hadidah works with you 1-on-1 to complete a 6-figure business success plan and customize the launch of your business. This option also requires students to attend daily sessions with Hadidah teaching the course curriculum to you LIVE and gives students the benefit of asking questions right on the spot to ensure your comprehension of the course materials and applied strategies for business practices and wealth building. For more information on our 1-on-1 course options email enrollments@yoniloveherbals.
  • How long do I have to complete each Gateway?
    Gateways (chapters) open every Sunday at 12am PST and close every Saturday at 11:59 PST. So students will be given 7 days to complete the coursework in each Gateway.
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