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This is a "study @ your own pace" course.

This class is a 6-hour intense study of the physical and spiritual uses of 5 commonly used Yoni (vaginal) steaming herbs and the benefits that each herb provides to our bodies when incorporated into yoni steaming. In addition to studying each herbs' uses, we will cover how to develop an individual and divinely guided relationship with each herb.  Over the past 10 years, the collective's consciousness and overall need to only ingest and use the highest vibrational herbs possible in the healing of our bodies has been growing rapidly. And as Yoni steaming grows in popularity among women in the West, there is an increasingly larger need for women to learn the ingredients that are used in the products that they are using to aid in healing their and the women around them's wombs.
    Herbs are like people... every herb has its own personality. The more time you spend getting to know the herb, the more the herb will begin to reveal its divine purposes to you. Throughout the past 10 years, I have spent countless hours walking with the herbs and studying their divine uses, the healing properties that are commonly discussed in the Naturopathic profession, and the best ways to incorporate the herb's individual benefits into herbal remedies to heal ailments surrounding the female reproductive system.
     Women have been healing their wombs and various ailments centered around the female reproductive system for centuries using Yoni steaming. Yoni steaming is one of the best non-intrusive ways to balance the vaginal PH, reduce vaginal odor, increase vaginal moisture, get rid of PMS, reduce menstrual cramps, reduce the symptoms commonly experienced during menopause, tighten 
 the vaginal walls, to naturally aid in getting rid of Yeast infections and BV, and many other benefits.
     Yoni Steaming and Divine Herbal Connections is not only an opportunity for you to increase the knowledge of the herbs you use during your yoni steam but to also deepen the divine understanding you have with these herbs and unlock their unique healing properties for your self-love and self healing journey!

Yoni Steaming & Divine Herbal Connections- 6 week course

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