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   Becoming a certified Yoni Steaming Facilitator is literally a "charge" from the Universe and every village elder who has ever steamed women in the bush of Africa, helping women heal their wombs from past and present trauma. It's a POWERFUL position and a BIG deal! Becoming a Certified YSF means that you will be equipped with the sacred knowledge of the elders and will be able to pass this knowledge on to the customers and women around you, and help to change the current state of women's reproductive health. Fibroids, Poly-cystic ovaries, Endometriosis, chronic Yeast/ BV infections, and infertility are some of the leading causes of hysterectomy in women in the US every year. The women of the Wombniverse are working hard to change this current condition by training women around the world as Yoni Steaming Facilitators. Yoni Steaming works on the physical ailment present in the womb while addressing the psychological and emotional imbalances that caused the dis-ease, therefore providing holistic healing.


In our Yoni Steaming Facilitator Training, you will be taught everything you need to know about the practice of yoni steaming, get an intense study of the healing herbs used in the steaming process, learn how to attract clients to your business, and given in-depth insight on how to jump-start your business as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator. And the best part about it all is you can semi study at your own pace while being supported by your sisters in the Wombniverse who have walked through each Gateway just like you!


When you join the Facilitator Training you will:

  • Get access to 12 Gateways of course materials provided through pre-recorded video segments, audio lectures, written materials, and printable PDF documents to assist you in your studies.
  • 4 weeks of LIVE Zoom training teach you how to scale your business to 6-figures whether you're starting your business from scratch or you're combining the yoni steaming services with another service you already offer.
  • An in-depth study of the sacred healing herbs used in yoni steaming when providing services to your clients.
  • An in-depth study of the essential oils used through aromatherapy and applied during womb massage to aid the client in releasing energetic blockages present in the body and in the energy/aura of the client.
  • Group forums where you can ask questions and build connections with other women who have completed the training through Yoni Love Herbals/TheWOMBNIVERSE.
  • Get initiated as a sacred "Wombman" crowned with the ability to help women heal their wombs and their bodies naturally.


CLASSES BEGIN SOON SO REGISTER & SAVE YOUR SPOT NOW! Course login and enrollment information will be sent via the email address you provide.




This "semi-study-at-your-own-pace" training was created so that even first-time yoni steamers can complete the training feeling fully equipped to begin performing yoni steams on the women in their community and build a successful business. There are 16 Gateways that every student will walk through on their journey of becoming a Yoni Steaming Facilitator. The Gateways include: 

Gateway 1: Opening of the Womb-Way


Gateway 2: An Introduction to the Sacred Practice of Yoni Steaming


Gateway 3: Your Role as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator

Gateway 4: Yoni Steaming 101: An In-depth Study of the Yoni Steaming Process


Gateway 5: Yoni Steaming- a Sacred Ritual

A: Preparation as the Practitioner

B: Preparation of the Client

Gateway 6: Essential Oils and Yoni Steaming

Gateway 7: Yoni Steaming as a Natural Healing Modality

Gateway 8: Yoni Steaming Herbs


Gateway 9: The Precursors to Yoni Steaming


Gateway 10: Yoni Steaming & Postpartum Care

Gateway 11: Your Yoni Steaming Business


Gateway 12: Building a Postpartum Business with Yoni Steaming 

Gateway 13-16: Yoni Steaming as Your 6-Figure Business Model

  • LIVE Zoom Business Building Sessions with hands-on/peer study and role-playing.



Yoni Steaming Facilitator Training/ Certification- Semi Study @ Your Own Pace

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  • The Wombniverse has created an online learning community that educates our students on various topics to help them master the skills they desire and the techniques to apply these skills to enhance their lives daily. Our Yoni Steaming Facilitator training gives you the skills you need to:

    • Learn the practice of yoni steaming.

    • Intuitively build a connection with the herbs used during the yoni steaming process.

    • Confidently create yoni steaming blends for various ailments.

    • Learn the techniques for teaching the art of "Wombversation  " to your customers.

    • Confidently launch your own yoni steaming business and scale your business to a profit-generating machine.

    • Complete an in-depth study of the herbs used in yoni steaming and their physical and energetic/spiritual benefits.


    Wherever you are on your journey as an entrepreneur, our Yoni Steaming Facilitator training gives you the blueprint to a proven business strategy that not only creates a financially stable business model but that heals the womb and creates a life-changing impact on you and your customer's lives. In this course, we provide students with the exact blueprint that Yoni Love Herbals has used to become the world's most globally sought-after and purchased yoni steaming and herbal/wholistic feminine care line.

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