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Join Our Yoni Steaming Facilitator Training Today!

Get certified with Yoni Love Herbals as a Yoni Steaming Facilitator and scale your business to 6-figures in the first year!

When you join the Yoni Love Herbals yoni steaming facilitator training/certification you aren't joining just any 'ole certification program, your partnering with an industry-leading business/brand backed by years of ground-breaking womb healing and transformation results experienced by our customers using our herbal product line,  company that has been sold and distributed in several retail chains both in the US and Internationally, and the opportunity to learn the blueprint we used to scale our yearly revenue well beyond 6-figures within the first year of business.


You aren't just joining a certification program, you're joining an ELITE certification program built to assist you in making your dreams of owning a successful yoni steaming business a REALITY.

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Our Yoni Steaming Certification program consists of 16 Gateways that students will walk through on their journey of womb healing and certification. Every healer must first heal themselves before they can embark on the path to heal others. It is through your own heling path that you truly discover the power you carry within your womb and learn the techniques that you will utilize to help your customers to fully heal their wombs and experience transformation as well.

Students who desire to join our 16 Gateway program will be required to make a deposit to hold their place in the upcoming scheduled session. The total tuition for the certification program is $996 which can be paid as one payment or paid on a payment plan which will split the total tuition amount into 3 monthly payments.

Following your cash payment, students will be sent course materials via USPS & UPS shipment. The purchase of your supply boxes is NOT included in the total cash amount being paid below. The purchase of your supply box will be completed with a student enrollment specialist following your payment below. Whether students decide to purchase the course as a one-time payment or on a payment plan, the course supply box will be mailed to students on the 15th of each month.

(+ Course Materials)

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