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"The Art of Orgasms"

A 4-Part Series on How to Have Amazing SEX!

Yoni Love Herbals in partnership with This Red Tent is hosting a 4-week series on "The Art of Orgasms" every Sunday from 3pm-5pm and you're invited!

So you've been wondering "What's wrong with my body?", "Is my punani broken?" or perhaps you've even been wondering if there's something wrong with your partner?! The answer is NO! There's nothing wrong with you and most likely there's nothing wrong with your partner either! The issue is, you spend all of the time that you're between the sheets in your head instead of focusing all of your energy on your punani and her power. And in this 4-part series, we're going to help you move your focus out of your head and into your punani, teach you techniques to use during intimacy to increase the likelihood of climax, and even cover some aphrodisiacs you can incorporate into the bedroom to turn up the heat and finally experience the sex you've been hoping, wishing, and praying for!

Check out our weekly topics below and get ready to ignite the flame in the bedroom and harness the power of your punani to get everything you desire in your life!

Orgasm sessions

We will be holding weekly sessions via Zoom on Sundays from 3pm - 5pm. Check out the topics we'll cover weekly below and pick the sessions that you'd like to join.

Sessions are $10/wk, but you can buy the bundle and get all 4 week's sessions for only $25!


Not sure if you can make it to every class? Don't worry we've got you! You will receive weekly playbacks of each session, PDF handout, and even affirmations via email if you aren't able

to attend each week's session!

WEEK 1- October 15th: "How to Have an Orgasm?"

This week we will cover the steps your body goes through on its way to climax, the signs of orgasm for men and women, and letting go of insecurities and how to move your focus from your head and into your punani so you can be free to have better sex!

WEEK 2- October 22nd: "Natural Herbs and Aphrodisiacs to ENHANCE Your Sex Life and Help You to CLIMAX!"

This week we will cover a variety of herbal supplements, foods, tinctures, and teas to make your orgasms stronger. You don't want to miss this!

WEEK 3: October 29th: "Taoism and 'OMing'-Techniques and Positions to Have Better Sex".

This week we will cover sacred practices, positions, and orgasmic meditation techniques to enhance your sex life.

WEEK 4- November 5th: Yoni steaming, Sex, Orgasms and Punani Power!

This week we will cover everything you need to know about yoni steaming with sex, techniques to use during yoni steaming sessions to enhance your sex life, and how to regulate you and your partner's energy using yoni steaming and focus sex magic to manifest everything you want in life!

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To purchase the bundle for all 4 weeks, 

To purchase the bundle for all 4 weeks, 

To purchase the bundle for all 4 weeks, 

To purchase the bundle for all 4 weeks, 

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